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Selection of "Memory Homes"

Quaint Cottage

A quaint and cozy cottage full of light colors with windows that let in bright sunlight and fresh air. When the surrounding trees are painted in autumn colors, it is a perfect moment to take a breath from your daily routine, slow down, and embrace nature.

Rustic Cabin

A rustic and comfortable cabin that consists of one large room full of rugged stone and wooden accents with large windows that invite in golden sunlight. Waking at dawn, you can feel the chilly air on your nose. The tranquility here allows you to focus on the here and now.

Winter Lodge

A large, warm lodge full of squashy leather armchairs and golden honey hued logs. The surrounding lake is covered by a thin layer of ice that creates a matte effect of the world underwater. If you look closely, you will notice many creatures in the water surviving this cold.

Downtown Apartment
A classic city apartment, an oasis in a busy urban area, full of stylish furniture. There are occasional car horns and voices of people talking afar, but the heavy front door blocks out almost all city noise. Behind this door you’ll find a space that is secure and relaxing.

Suburban Residence

An inviting, clean, and spacious home in a suburban neighborhood. It is a low-key, plain looking building but also a warm and comfy space for a family. A house like this often holds stories that you find easy to relate to, and seeing this house makes you feel calm and nostalgic.

Modern Dwelling

A chic, stylish home with white modern furniture and cozy lighting. The sunset over the pool is especially lovely. The spattering effect of the light and the light breeze have orchestrated a natural symphony as the night gently renders the surrounding area a deep blue-grey.