2013 New Year illustration

Software: Open Canvas, Photoshop

Hardware: Wacom Intuos 3

Time: 10-15 hrs


I still maintained at least 1 painting at the beginning of the year back in my study times (god, how much free time did I have!?). This coloring skill was inspired by the so-called 厚塗り(atsunuri) used by some Japanese and western artists. The painting procedure usually starts with a rough sketch and builds color layers to achieve the thick color effect. The result was very exciting. I added the oriental dragon and lion dance elements to fit the Lunar New Year theme.

Sketch done on paper and pen

That’s probly the only step I needed an A4 print paper and some pen.

Lunar New Year, some 舞龍舞獅 (Lion Dance) ya know. But I think our favorite sentence is “恭喜發財,” literally translated as “May you be happy and prosperous (affluent/wealthy).”

Color Planning

I hope the color was a lot more vibrant. I always like to start with full background coloring so it sets a clear tone for the image.

Planning the background.

I had to switch back and forth between Photoshop and Open Cavas to adjust the color. Was planning to put some fireworks in the background, but PhD study’s getting busy, I guess?

Highlights on character face

Almost always my favorite part. I like to add highlights to the eyes and lips.

It’s also the last touch on the work so this final step always comes with joy. Aha! I know why I like it.